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Count of Montferrand is a title of nobility held by the Head of the House of Cseszneky.

The title refers to Montferrand, a crusader fortress in the County of Tripoli (at the present-day village of Baarin in Syria).

The title is hereditary according to the rules of agnatic-cognatic primogeniture (semi-Salic law), i.e. the succession is reserved first to all the male descendants of all the eligible branches by order of primogeniture, then upon total extinction of these male descendants to a female member of the family.

Present holder[]

The current holder of the title is His Illustrious Highness Princely Count Miklós Cseszneky.

The heir apparent is the present holder's son: Count Hunor Attila Cseszneky, Hereditary Count Cseszneky.

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