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Standard of Honor

Jack Whyte

Cover artist

Eric Fuentecilla

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Penguin Group Canada

Release date

August 28, 2007

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540 Pages






The Templar Trilogy

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Knights of the Black and White

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Fall of Baphomet

Standard of Honor is the second book in The Templar Trilogy, and written by author Jack Whyte. Written from a historical fiction point of view, the novel takes place approximately ninety years after the founding of the Knights Templar, and begins in the year 1187 during the Battle of Hattin. The novel follows several characters through the Ayyubid-Crusader War and into the Third Crusade.



United Kingdom[]


As the deadly Crusades rage on, Christian forces are easily destroyed by the armies of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, Syria, and Mesopotamia. Among the Knights Templar are two cousins: André St. Clair, a young man forced to escape his homeland when he is wrongfully accused of a crime, and Scottish knight Alexander Sinclair, a spy for the ancient Brotherhood of Sion. Along with his father, Henry, André is offered the chance to escape injustice by joining the Third Crusade and fighting with the armies of Richard of Aquitaine, soon to become King of England.

Sinclair's war is almost over before it begins when he is taken captive by one of Saladin's captins. Learning from his captor that Saladin believes the Knights Templar to be the most dangerous of all the enemies of Islam and that he is determined to kill them all, Sinclair fears for his friends' lives. But perhaps the biggest threat to the St. Clair family is the new king, Richard the Lionheart, whose duplicitous ways and fierce temper lead to his shocking and vicious betrayal of one of his best men.

Filled with dramatic adventure and rich in historical detail Jack Whyte fans have come to expect, Standard of Honor is a stunning continuation of this epic history of the Knights Templar.

—From the inside jacket of Standard of Honor.

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