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Cover of book one of The Templar Trilogy, Knights of the Black and White.

Written by veteran author Jack Whyte, The Templar Trilogy consists of three works of fiction published by Penguin Group Canada between the years 2006 and 2008. The three novels are Knights of the Black and White, Standard of Honor, and Fall of Baphomet.

Trilogy synopsis[]

The Templar Trilogy will be a collection of three books, however, not a series, in the accepted sense of the word, a series being a sequence of novels following the lives and adventures of a character or a group of characters, whereas a trilogy is a set of three novels, none of which need share any characters with the others. Under the unique writing style of Jack Whyte, the trilogy will produce three discrete novels, the action of each one separated by at least ninety years from its predecessor. The Knights Templar, who originally called themselves the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, are among the most mysterious entities of the Crusades era. Founded in the time between 1118 and 1119 in the Holy Land by Hugues de Payens and nine other knights, the Order eventually became the most powerful and influential organization on earth. Nevertheless, less than two hundred years after their foundation, the Knights Templar were almost entirely wiped out, when King Philip IV ordered the entire senior membership of the Order in France to be arrested and thrown into prison on Friday, October 13, 1307 following mass accusations of heresy and devil worship.

The Templar Trilogy examines the Knights Templars at three major stages in their hisory, with obvious historical facts woven into the fiction of the story: the beginning of the Order, from 1118 through 1129, when Whyte describes how the nine original knights were searching for a treasure that would make them, and another secret Order, famous; the peak of the Templar Order, the time of the Ayyubid-Crusader War leading up to, and then during, the Third Crusade when the Templars were at their strongest as a military order, fighting as a part of King Richard I's army against the hordes of Saladin, the Sultan of Syria; and the end of the Order, which witnessed the arrest of the French Templars on Friday 13th and the flight and legendary destiny of the few who escaped the fate suffered by the others at the hands of the Holy Inquisition.

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